Introduction of Yamato

Company Profile

President & CEO F.Hara
Capital 90million JPY
Established 27/Apl/1944
Employee 410
Product Items ● Plating for micro-electronics devices, substrates and various materials.
● Machining works for tools and metal parts
● Machinery design and manufacture


Apr/1944 Established in
5312 Shimosuwa,Nagano
Jun/1970 Constructed Shimosuwa
Oct/1970 Constructed Matsumoto
Mar/1977 Constructed SUWA
Aug/1983 Constructed Head office building
Aug/1989 Established YamatoTEC
Dec/1996 Registrated ISO9002
Mar/2000 Registrated ISO14001
Dec/2002 Registrated ISO9001#2000
Mar/2005 Constructed R&D building
Mar/2006 Registrated ISO14001#2004
Sep/2008 Established Kohki Div.(Machining and equipment Div.)
Dec/2008 Registrated ISO/TS16949:2000 in Matsumoto
Oct/2012 Established Shinsei (Thailand) Co,.LTD
Nov/2017 Mingrated to IATF16949:2016
Dec/2017 Migrated to ISO2015
ISO9001 :2015/JIS Q 9001:2015
ISO14001 :2015/JIS Q 14001:2015
Jan/2019 Made Shinsei (Thailand) Co.,LTD a wholly owned subsidiary and changed the company name to Yamato Denki (Thailand) Co., LTD.
Jan/2021 Registrated IATF16949: 2016 certification in Suwa-factory

Introduction of Yamato Denki (Thailand)

Company Profile

Location 40/17-19 Moo 5 , Rojana Industrial Park , T.U-Thai, A.U-Thai, Ayuttaya Province 13210
Managing Director Masayuki Nakayama
Establishment Construction 28/JUN/2005 Start business on 6 /Dec /2005
Capital 50,000,000 THB (150mil.JPY)(Yamato IND 100%)
Business Surface treatment For Microelectronics (HDD & CPU & automobile, Camera etc… )
(Electroless Ni Plating / Electro Ni Plating / Electro Au Plating / Chemical Polishing / Ultra clean wash / etc)
Employee 320 persons (Japanese staff 2 persons)as of July 2018
All area Factory #1 = 5,529㎡ Floor area: 2,250㎡
Factory #2 = 5,550㎡ Floor area: 1,875㎡
Factory #3 = 6,075㎡ Floor area: 2,275㎡
(Including Factory, Waste water treatment area)
Other ISO9001:2008 ISO140001:2004 ISO/TS16949:2009 Certifired
* TS16949 will be transferred to IATF16949 on November 2018.