Machinig and production equipments


Small lots for quick delivery of product types and number of machines owned by the many Metal (aluminum, iron, SUS system in general, titanium), and a variety of materials for processing resins 5Axis machines , corresponding to the goods polyhedral structure.

Suwa local strengths , cooperation with neighboring manufacturer, supports a variety of processing (laser, sheet metal, printing, heat treatment, polishing, painting, etc.).

Surface manufacturers strengths , corresponding to various surface treatment design and manufacture of parts compatible.

Example: 5axis machining

Demonstration ~T2 scalp~
Machine:Mazak Variaxis630 5XⅡ
Machining time 18H

Production equipment

Shortening produced by processing in-house sourcing (for short time) can be low cost and when changing the design , in the short term additional machining of fine-tuning during assembly, parts procurement available.

Production Drawing from your concept, improving existing equipment and parts production and assembly drawings to accommodate your various needs flexibly.

Carrier machine

Separator for the mixture of Steel ball and chip devices